Colosseum Official Online Ticket Office

I always suggest my guests to purchase tickets in advance when possible, the big waste of time when in Rome is being hours on a queue waiting to get in, purchasing tickets before save time to do other nice things tho’. Within Colosseum fee entrance is included the Roman Forum either, at this time (2015) […]

Rome airport taxi fares

Several regrettable episodes happened during the past years such as unlicensed private drivers offering expensive lifts or even regular taxi drivers both asking unacceptable fares for the itinerary from airports to city center forced the Council few years ago to find an agreement with Taxi unions to set fixed fares. Actually from Fiumicino FCO airport to […]

St. Peters’ dress code

To get into St. Peters’ Basilica there is a dress code to follow to avoid being rejected after the long queue by the vatican stewards at the entrance. The dress code is  easily explained by the following picture I have taken of a warning just before the Basilica columns:

Where to find a parking in Rome Vatican area

You booked everything, even the car to have a great journey from Tuscany green hills and pop over in Rome for your last italian visit then drop your car at the airport… but where and how can you find a parking in Rome Vatican area?

Vatican area have public car spaces within the blue line places and cost €1.5/hr from 8am to 7pm. There are also private parkings, average price is €20/24hrs. I suggest to get the one in via Tunisi, 80 called Parcheggio Trionfale-Musei Vaticani, it has automatic gates and CCTV. Check the map below!


The expensive rome ice cream (not so expensive)

Rome, Summer 2014. The news by reports an american couple with a friend was charged €42 for three ice creams and a water bottle behind Trevi Fountain. They had a discussion with the owner assuming they paid €59 for a full lunch including a wine bottle. They came back the next day with two […]

Typical Rome lunch snack bites

Rosetta con la mortadella Traditionally known as the bricklayers lunch, rosetta is a typical roman semispherical bread with crusty shields that looks like a rose (rosetta), cut in 2 halves is stuffed with mortadella (aka bologna is stuffed pork meat spiced and steam cooked for around 12hrs). Rosette’s can be found fresh made in bakeries […]