Typical Rome lunch snack bites

Rosetta con la mortadella

Traditionally known as the bricklayers lunch, rosetta is a typical roman semispherical bread with crusty shields that looks like a rose (rosetta), cut in 2 halves is stuffed with mortadella (aka bologna is stuffed pork meat spiced and steam cooked for around 12hrs).

Rosette’s can be found fresh made in bakeries or better italian groceries (alimentari) where mortadella is sold too so you can directly ask for a rosetta con mortadella. Very tasty.

Pizza bianca e mortadella

Not to confuse with round pizza, this typical roman pizza bianca can be just found in bakeries or italian groceries (alimentari) within fresh bread counters, it’s so good as it is but sliced and filled with mortadella is way better.

Pizza bianca or rosette can be picked in bakeries such as Mosca in Prati/Vatican or Roscioli or Il Forno in Campo De’ Fiori.
Pizza bianca stuffed with up to 4 ingredients of the several fresh ones they have in the counter can be enjoyed at Lo Zozzone in Via del Teatro Pace close to Piazza Navona.

Pizza prosciutto e fichi

A variation of the filling above where the salty and crispness of pizza bianca and prosciutto meets the sweetness of figs. My all time favorite.
Pizza ricotta e nutella or ricotta e zucchero

A variation of the above where the fillings is made of Nutella and ricotta layers.
Supplì and calzoni

They can be both found in rosticceria, supplì are rice balls with a mozzarella nut inside seasoned with ragù covered by breadcrumbs and deep fried, very convenient can be found for €1/each.
is a savoury turnover made with pizza dough with different filling styles such as ham and mozzarella or broccoli and sausages, they are deep fried or oven baked. I rather prefer the deep fried version filled with just sausages, yum!