Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel hours and Online direct ticket booking at the Vatican

Michelangelo,_Creation_of_AdamFirst of all let’s make it clear: the Sistine Chapel is in the Vatican Museums and during the visit it’s the last hall. To visit the Sistine Chapel you need to obtain a ticket to the Vatican Museums, on the other hand St.Peter’s entrance is free.

As this is the most visited museum in Rome, there are very long queues everyday and in high season it sometimes ends up at St.Peter Square, around 1Km long, please see it yourself on the following google map.

The Vatican Museums are closed on Sundays, but last Sunday of each month are open with free admission fee. It is important to check in advance the timetable and opening days as in some special festivities they’re closed and on warmer seasons there are night entrance.

Here are the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel hours for 2016 and general information and ticket fees here.

Please notice that public museums are closed on Monday mornings, so most of the tourists fall back on to visit the Vatican Museums generating a long queue. We suggest to visit it generally from lunch time as from that time the queue will be very short.

When here you’ll notice many tour agencies around and operators doing their honest job of selling Vatican tours saying it’d let you skip the line which is totally true, but tours start from €30/person (obtained at tour agency could be also €50) sometimes excluding the €16 admission ticket and you probably wouldn’t want to leave a fortune to get into a Museum even if it’s one of the most world famous, but you was lucky enough to drop into this article and here are our tips to obtain online tickets straight from the Vatican Ticket Office which will let you skip the queue, after the transaction a voucher will be sent to you via email, you can print it out or show the QR code from your smartphone/tablet straight at the entrance skipping the queue:

Official Online Vatican Ticket Office
For visitors who would like to reserve the admission ticket of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel online skipping the line, includes different options such as night entrance, breakfast at the museum, etc.

Guided Tours for individuals
For individuals who want to join a guided group tour to the Vatican Museums, to the Vatican Gardens or to the Necropolis of the Via Triumphalis.

The Vatican is not just St.Peters Church, Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums and its staff do guided tours to other selected treasures such as the Vatican Gardens or the Via Thriumphalis Necropolis recently discovered: here is the direct link to choose and buy tickets to other tours.

Our last tip: when at Sistine Chapel instead of walk back along the Museums you can get off from the direct exit straight to St.Peters church.