Where to eat good food on a budget in Vatican area or Rome city center

Vatican Area places to eat good on a budget
I have to start saying that for St.Peters and Vatican Museums this neighborhood (formally known as Prati, Vatican area is known for tourists while this area hosts the Vatican City) became very touristic since the beginnings of the new millenium thanks to the last Jubileum and Dan Brown books. Many food places opened up in last years but they disguised into local Trattoria/Hostaria to target tourists not at reasonable prices compared to food quality. The aim of this article is to contribute with my experience to spot the places where I had good meals at honest prices.


Passaguai, via Pompino Lieto (google maps)

This is the all way round 360 small intimate place I started to get into it since they opened in 2011, honestly a gold hole with few tables outside and inside as well. Cappucino or coffee is served with small cookies, a beer or a glass of wine actually with a healty small plate of pizza bianca slices, prosciutto cubes and parmesan flakes and a veg slices bowl WOW, honestly I’d love to throw back in their heads chips and monkey nuts served at those (all others) places where I order a glass of wine.


A Prosecco wine bottle starts at a reasonable price of €17, a Bollicine Franciacorta starts around €25, good if you wish to share with a friend such as I do usually, and they keep serving their snacks continously as you still drinking, this is their winning formula in a tourist neighborhood where every place wants to get easy money by tourists. A great selection of wines reasonable priced. Starving for lunch or dinner? Don’t miss Parmigiana with sword fish, delicious, a selection of great french/umbrian cheeses and salami/speck/prosciutto on a wide plate is €10.

This little place wins the challenge with its high quality/reasonable priced products.

Last but not least they always replace the ashtray after 2 cigs, never seen in Rome!!


la-tavernella[1]La Tavernella, via Ezio, 5 (google map) – Fixed price €10 lunch and dinner
First on this list is this place I bumped into when I was windows shopping In via Cola di Rienzo looking for a bargain during 2013 summer sales. I noticed the sign showing €10 fixed price but didn’t mention when, usually fixed price are just for lunch, so I got in and asked the waiter and he replied it’s also for dinner, that sounded good for me and took note of the place as I wished to get back trying it with a friend from London who finally decided to permanently join Rome.

When approached one night we noticed the place gets the local hostarias habit to keep customers very close one each other and they would easily let you share your small table with other ones.

Their €10 fixed menu is composed by
appetizer (1 supplì or 1 bruschetta or 1 fiore di zucca),
one pasta (cacio e pepe or amatriciana or carbonara),
one slice cake or sorbetto
a water bottle

Appetizers were good enough even if a bit small and we were very hungry but we had to rethink when our cacio e pepe tonnarelli arrived: portion was so big and good that we thought to share just one plate next time avoiding to get the fixed menus. Few rules run with their fixed menus: you have to order the same two pasta plates, so we had both cacio e pepe and the waiter suggested to get what was going to be ready or we could wait, we preferred to wait some minutes rather than having carbonara. House wine was honest and final lemon sorbetto was the perfect end to help us digest the tonnarelli. The waiter and the owner Luisa are very nice.